Waiting on God

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I (Don) had lunch with a long-time friend and colleague recently and it spurred me on to thinking that it has been quite a while since I have updated everyone on what has been happening in the Harvest Thai ministry.  So with apologies for the long silence, here is an update.

As some of you know, we had our patience tested recently when we thought we had our house sold — a contract was signed, and the buyers even wanted all our furniture!  It seemed that it MUST be from God!  But then the buyers backed out of the contract, and we were back at square one — well, not exactly.  As it turned out, the buyers’ agent decided he wanted to help us in our plans to get to Thailand.  So he very graciously agreed to be OUR agent (at a substantially reduced commission), and we re-listed our house for sale at the end of February.  Since then we have had 9 or 10 showings, and several people have expressed interest.  Now we are waiting on that one buyer who will make a fair offer.

Once we have the house sold, we expect we will then make the move to Thailand without much further delay.  We have been thinking that September would be a good time to go, but it’s really all up to God and His timing.

God has really been lining things up in amazing fashion, so that we will be able to go as soon as the house sells.  My (Don’s) retirement from the patent law practice worked out much more smoothly and advantageously than anyone could have anticipated, so we don’t have to worry about what we will eat or what we will wear (see Matthew 6) while we await the move.

Meanwhile, we are seeing great things in our ministry to international students at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  We participate, along with many others, in English Corner on Saturday afternoons on the campus, and a Bible study immediately following it.  We see God moving in these international scholars and students and it is thrilling to be a small part of what He is doing.  Perhaps He is keeping us here for just this purpose, and if that is the case, then we say “praise be to God!”

But we still feel eager to get to Thailand and believe that is where He ultimately wants to send us.  While we wait for that day, we pray He will continue to use us to point people toward Jesus Christ–to Him be the glory forever and ever.

Please joins us in praying for what God wants to accomplish in Thailand (through us as well as others who are already there to proclaim the gospel).  A few prayer requests are listed below.  Thank you, faithful friends and prayer supporters, for standing with us to see God worshiped and obeyed by the Thai people.  May you enjoy Christ’s blessings.


  • For God to build a team of people for the work in the area of Ban Dong Phlong village.  We would like to have at least one other couple (or single people) to partner with in this work.  We are in discussions with two couples already stationed in Thailand, but perhaps God wants to send someone with us from the U.S.  Pray for clarity on this.
  • For us to depend completely on God for this work, and not ourselves.
  • For our daughters Amanda and Alicia, who are considering joining us in Thailand for a year or more, once we are settled in there–pray that God will work all of this out for His purposes.

Sai & Don Hill