Sai’s Story

I was born in Thailand into a Buddhist family.  I was a strong believer as a Buddhist.  When I got married to Don, I wanted to be married in a church.  I have always wanted my husband to be a Christian but I did not know how to help him have faith.  He was not raised with any faith.


After we moved to Charlotte, our daughters wanted to go to church.  I visited one church with them, and Don visited two churches with them.  I wanted my family to have faith and learn about God.  Deep in my heart, I wanted my husband and my girls to have a God that they can believe in.


We often traveled down Eastfield Road, and saw Harvest Community Church break ground.  As we saw the church being built, the girls would ask if we would take them to church once it was completed.  I see now that God was using our girls to bring us to Him.  One Sunday in November 2002, I got up early and decided to take my family to church.  We felt warmly welcomed at Harvest and we began to visit regularly.  Pastor Jerry explained and taught us a lot every Sunday.  Pastor Jeff helped Don with his struggle to believe in God and learn about Christianity.  Don began to get more involved in Bible studies and he read more and more Christian books.  I could not even get much of his attention during this time.  He was very anxious to learn more to teach me and the children.  I began to struggle within myself with believing the Christian God and Buddha.  Don explained to me that I cannot have two gods.

When Don, Amanda, and Alicia were baptized in 2003, I felt like it was a gift from God to me.  It had been my desire that my husband and daughters trust in a God who will guide them through life.  Don was already a good husband and father.  With God to guide him, I know that he will be a wiser father and husband.  On the one hand, I was happy for their new-found faith.  On the other, I felt like I was further away from them spiritually.  In my heart, it was difficult for me to betray my belief in Buddhism.  I felt like I was pulled in two different directions.  I kept this struggle within myself, though.


What helped me was when Jerry taught us to be faithful and ask God to guide me and show me how to overcome this problem.  God was already working in my life at this time, as He spoke to me in a series of three dreams.  My first dream happened a few months after we started visiting Harvest.  I had wanted to contribute to the church and I asked Pastor Jerry if I could plant some flowers.  He gave me permission and I started to plant some flowers at the church.  About three weeks later, I dreamed that Jesus was walking along the sidewalk of the church as I was gardening.  He wore a long robe and held a cane in His hand, and He was walking with a little boy.  I knew that He was not American by any means.  I could sense that He was somebody important, but I did not see His face.  As they passed by, they spoke in a language I did not understand, and yet I knew that He asked the boy to thank me for the flowers I had planted.  He then walked in front of the church and disappeared.  That was when I awoke.  After Don woke up, I asked him what language Jesus spoke, and he told me it was Aramaic.

About a month later, He came to me in a dream again, in which I was on an island.  He was on a boat and was reaching out for me to get on the boat with Him. There were waves between Him and me as He reached out His hands for me.  I told him I did not want to get on the boat because I knew the boat had a crack and was not safe.  I told Alicia about the dream, and she said “Mommy, just take His hand and trust Him.”


One week before I left for Thailand in January 2004, I dreamed that He told me to meet Him on a mountain.  In my dream, I was at the foot of the mountain, holding my oldest sister’s hand.  Jesus was on top of the mountain, wearing a flowing robe.  He told me to come up to Him.  I said it will take me a while to get up there because of all the trees, rocks, and shrubs in the way.  He told me to take as long as I need to and He will wait for me there.


While I was in Thailand, I started to share about God and how everything is God’s creation.  I began to see that the people there do not have God in their lives.  I told my brother-in-law and my family that I am going to church.  When I came back home, it became clear to me that Jesus is my Savior.    Around Easter, I prayed to God and told Him that I do not understand everything about Him, but I know I am separated from Him, and that I need Him and want Him in my life.  I told Him I believe that Jesus died for my sins and rose from the dead.  By faith, I asked Him to come into my life, and I asked Him to help me with my faith.


My husband and I had almost everything we could want in life—good health, two beautiful daughters, good jobs, a nice home, and enough money.  The only thing we did not have before is God in our lives.  Now, I have become the last piece of the puzzle that has made my family complete in Christ.