August 27, 2013

Sunday September 1st Ellis & Vicki Lineback, Nate & Michelle Mikoski, and Sai and I leave for Thailand!  We will be there for 24 days.  The purposes for this trip include:

  • Meet face-to-face with 5 or 6 missionary couples who have been in Thailand long-term, to learn what God has been doing through them.  We will be seeking to discern whether God wants us to partner with any of these people.
  • Make preparations for Sai and me to make our long-term move to Thailand sometime in 2014 (God willing).
  • Allow Ellis & Vicki Lineback and Nate & Michelle Mikoski, of SENDMEdia, to determine God’s will with respect to establishing a SENDMEdia presence in Thailand.
  • Begin to forge relationships with people in Sai’s village in advance of our move there.  We are praying for God to bring us to people to whom He wants us to proclaim the gospel.

Pray for Ban Dong Phlong Village

  • that Sai’s sister Tem and brother Kheum will be drawn to Jesus (Kheum will be our “chauffeur” during our time in Thailand, so he will go with us to various meetings and church services)
  • that God will put eternity in the hearts of the people of the village, through any means He knows to be effective (dreams, visions, folklore, etc.)
  • that God will bring us across those people’s paths
  • that God will embolden us to talk to those people and proclaim the gospel
  • that if God already has a child (or children) in the village, He will arrange for us to meet him/her

 Other Prayer Requests:

  • God’s provision for remaining needs (expenses while in Thailand, and for covering bills back home during September)
  • A continual prayer covering while in Thailand.  We NEED people praying for us regularly.  Pray for boldness in the name of Jesus.  Pray for opportunities to lift up His name.  Pray for the salvation of those we will encounter and proclaim the gospel to.

God is so worthy of praise and glory.  We desire our lives to be completely His.  There is no better use of our lives — however many years He has allotted us to have — than to be used by Him to accomplish His purposes.

THANK YOU all for your prayers!

Grace and peace to you, in Christ our Lord,

Don & Sai Hill


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