Our Vision

Ever since putting her faith in Jesus, Sai has been praying about her family and the people of her village and province—that someone would tell them about the tremendous love of Christ so they can be set free from slavery to sin and have the abundant eternal life we have found in Him.  For years we have thought that someday we might retire and go to Thailand to tell people there about Jesus.

This past year we decided as a couple to take the course Perspectives on the World Christian Movement (http://www.perspectives.org).  Wow!  It had a catalyzing effect on us!  We now realize that the someone who should go tell the Thai people about Jesus includes us!  And the someday is now!

God has put in our hearts a longing to take the treasure we have found in Christ (Matt. 13:44-45) and share it with the Thai people.  At the same time, God has been showing us the worthlessness of all the “stuff” we have accumulated in life.  So, like the man in Matthew 13:44 who sold all he had so that he could buy the field containing the great treasure, we are in the process of selling all we have so that we can relocate to Ban Dong Phlong village.  The goal:  to plant indigenous Thai churches that have a vision to be reproducing—churches that are thoroughly Thai in terms of leadership and culture.  We even dare to dream that God could spark a Church Planting Movement (CPM) in Thailand.  What a privilege it would be to play even a tiny role in a CPM!

We are praying that God will raise up partners for us.  We will desperately need to be part of a body of believers in Thailand, for regular fellowship, encouragement, and laboring together for the Thai people.  We also need prayer partners (see “Pray!”).


Once we arrive in Thailand and get settled, we will begin sharing the gospel, sowing abundantly and looking for people of peace (Luke 10:1-9) who are receptive and want to know more about the Bible and Jesus Christ.  We will probably begin in the village of Ban Dong Phlong, with Sai’s family members and others.  The goal will be to establish a small group of people who will meet regularly to hear stories from the Bible.  As their interest and knowledge grow, we will begin to introduce them to Scripture and, we hope, see people put their faith in Jesus and become a church.

People of Buddhist background have no belief in a Creator God.  Accordingly, study of the book of Genesis will be foundational.  Once people understand that God created human beings to be in relationship with Him, and that suffering is the result of our free choice to rebel against Him—what the Bible calls “sin”—then they have a foundation by which to understand the significance of Jesus Christ.

We are praying for people in Ban Dong Phlong and surrounding villages to come to faith in Jesus and become His disciples.  We are praying for churches to be established in people’s homes, and for the new disciples to understand from the very beginning that they are to take part in fulfilling the Great Commission.