It Was a Powerful Time of Prayer for Thailand

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Sai and I are so grateful and appreciative of all those who came last night (5/29/2013) to pray for Thailand. If you were there, I think you’ll agree that the Holy Spirit seemed to be moving powerfully in the body of saints. We were deeply affected.

For those who were unable to make it last night, below are the prayer requests that were distributed and prayed over. We would appreciate ongoing prayers about these things. God be magnified!

As I have indicated previously, please SAVE THE DATES below for future prayer meetings (additional information and reminders will be forthcoming as we get closer to the dates):

  • Thursday, June 27th at 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday, July 31st at 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday, August 27th at 7:00 pm

Grace and peace to you, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sai & Don


Prayer Requests for Harvest Thai

Holy Spirit, move!  By far the most-urgent and biggest need is to pray that the Holy Spirit will draw the Thai people, especially those He brings us in contact with, so that they are attracted to Jesus Christ.

Break the enemy’s bonds!  Our adversary has deceived the Thai people and has put them in bondage to spirits they fear—yet they do not know about or believe in the Creator.

Our daughters Amanda and Alicia.  Tangible needs: A better-paying job for Alicia; wisdom as to whether Amanda should move back in with Alicia. Spiritual needs: They both need to turn back to God in repentance and dependence.

Our marriage and relationship with God and each other.

We need to sell our house.  We have an offer of $285K. We owe $295K to the bank. That would mean we’d need to bring about $24K to closing.

Where should we live?  Ban Dong Phlong village with Sai’s sister Tem?  Or in the village of Don Chompu (about 7 miles away) where there is a small church? Or even somewhere else?  Factors to consider: access to a body of believers, Internet access, cost of living, etc.

We hope to meet with a number of people when we visit in September:

  • Peter & Waew Martyn.  They live about 90 miles away in the neighboring province of Khon Kaen and have a church-planting ministry that started in 2005.  They have planted about 5 house churches in various villages and continue to expand to other villages.
  • Alan Johnson.  Alan is an Assemblies of God missionary who has lived with his family in Thailand for over 26 years.  He is Director of the Asia Pacific Institute of Buddhist Studies.  He has offered us a lot of support and resources once we get on the ground in Thailand.
  • Chad & Nan Cochran.  They live near the major city of Korat, roughly 30 miles away.
  • Ben & Susan Hoar.  They live about 7 miles away from Ban Dong Phlong.  They are missionaries with World Outreach Center and have been in Thailand since 2004.  Their ministry involves things such as teaching farmers how to recondition the poor soil, how to raise livestock, etc.  They also have a Tennessee Horse Farm and provide therapy to disabled children through Equine Assisted Activities.  All of this is to demonstrate the Gospel and the love of God.

Is it God’s will for us to work with any of these people? Or does He have in mind someone we aren’t even aware of yet?


Prayer Requests for Ellis & Vicki Lineback (SEND MEdia)


  • Bring God glory:  Our ultimate desire is to see God glorified and made much of.
  • Grow in our knowledge of God:  Knowing God more deeply each day be seeking Him in prayer and study of His word.
  • Walk in God’s power:  Being filled with His Spirit as He leads us.
  • Depend on God only:  Trusting that God will provide for our needs.
  • Submit to God’s perfect will:  Yielding to His Sovereignty as He directs our circumstances.
  • Represent God well:  Being His Light, may we present Jesus for who He really is: God, Lord, King, Creator and Savior.


  • Unity:  That Vicki and I would be in unity with God and each other.
  • Unity 2:  That our Board of Directors are unified as we move forward.
  • Provision:  Continued daily needs met. In addition, financial means to go to Thailand.
  • Housing:  We are willing to move to cut budget…or stay in current home.
  • Media Team:  For media-talented individuals or couples to join SEND MEdia.
  • Media Equipment:  Field Camera and editing machine.
  • Accounting help:  Tax accountant/bookkeeper.


Prayer Requests for Nathan & Michelle Mikoski

We are former missionaries to Japan, and have been back in the U.S. for the past 3 years.  Since returning, we have been praying about the next step God has for us.  Recently we were introduced to SEND MEdia while working on a video for Steve Thompson’s ministry to New England.  We are now exploring the possibility of joining SEND MEdia.  The possible long-term plan would be to go with Ellis and Vickie Lineback as well as Don and Sai Hill to Sai’s home town in Thailand for at least 2-3 years.  We would be going sometime in 2014 and be there to help with and document church planting in an unengaged region of Thailand as well as use the location as a hub for traveling to other unreached people groups.

The short term plan is still unknown 🙂  We do not know what this would mean for our immediate work needs.  At some point we would shift to being supported by the body of Christ.  One of the things about SEND MEdia that excites us is that the Linebacks have recently decided not to solicit support, trusting God alone to provide.  We have the same desire to glorify God and be able to strengthen the faith of the body of Christ with stories of how God can and still does provide for His work!  Please Pray for God’s provision.

Our biggest question mark about Thailand is what schooling arrangements will be available for Troy and Connor.  Please pray for wisdom as we seek to honor God in raising Troy and Connor.

We have learned much and grown stronger in our convictions and faith over these past few years and we believe that God has been preparing us for what He has for us to do next.  We also know that our family has been under spiritual attack on many fronts.  Please pray for our family to grow together in these trials and for our marriage to be solidly founded on Christ as we look toward a mission field that is rife with demonic activity and deceit.

We have recently begun attending Harvest Community Church.  We have been without a home church since leaving our church of 10 years due to what we believe were doctrinal issues that necessitated such a drastic move.  We really like Harvest, and it would make sense to share a home/sending body with the Linebacks and Hills, but it is 35 minutes away and we find it hard to be involved with a community when we live so far away.  Please pray for wisdom about whether we should seek to move and be closer or stay where we are for the time being.