As We Depart Thailand . . .

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“Thai people are not hardened.  They just haven’t heard the Gospel!”  — Ben Hoar, missionary in Korat, Thailand

The photo above speaks volumes.  Sai’s sister Tem is reading Psalms.  She told Sai that it is better than watching TV.  This is why we came to Thailand.  I believe we are seeing answers to all the prayers that have been offered over the last months as we have met in our home with many of you, our faithful supporters.  We have prayed that God would soften hearts and draw people to Himself.  We have seen definite answers to those prayers!  Here are some examples:

  • Before meals, we have been praying aloud with Tem (above) as well as Sai’s brother Kheum and Kheum’s wife Haeng.  It wasn’t long before THEY started reminding US to pray and thank God for the food.  But the highlight was the day that we finished praying, but then Tem said she wanted to pray herself.  And she prayed to God!  This can be explained only by the Holy Spirit’s movement, I believe.
  • This past week Sai and I and Tem traveled to Pattaya (a beach town about 120 km away from Bangkok) to visit Tem’s daughter Samruay and Samruay’s children Neh (a boy, age 24), Picnic (girl, age 13), and Noinaa (girl, age 12).  Until about 6 months ago, Picnic and Noinaa lived with Tem in the village of Ban Dong Phlong.  So Tem has really been missing them.  It was wonderful seeing the reunion between them.  Even better, however, was the openness to God we saw on the part of Samruay and Picnic and Noinaa.  Praise God!
  • Our meetings with various missionaries here in Thailand have been very encouraging.  We have seen a spirit of cooperation and help in all of these new friends.
  • The encouragement we have received from our dear brothers and sisters Ellis & Vicki and Nate & Michelle during this trip has been invaluable!  Thank You, Father, for putting this team together!
  • As I type this, Ellis and I are thinking back over this trip and discussing what we have seen.  I told him that being here these past three weeks has given Sai and me a lot of peace about moving here permanently.  It just feels RIGHT, like HOME in a strange way (for me, that is — of course it IS home for Sai).  Ellis commented that even he has been impressed that Thailand is where Sai and I are supposed to be.


We will continue to pray for God to reveal more of His will for us, as well as for SEND MEdia, in Thailand.  We hope that you, our dear partners, will join us!  Thank you for your prayers!!

Don (for Sai, Ellis, Vicki, Nate, and Michelle)