40 Days Until Thailand!

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We eagerly anticipate what God will do when Sai and I, along with Ellis & Vicki Lineback and Nate & Michelle Mikoski (all four of SENDMEdia), board our respective airplanes on September 1, 2013 and link up in Tokyo on the same flight for the final leg of our journey to Thailand!  We will arrive in Bangkok late in the evening on Monday September 2nd.  Here is our approximate itinerary:

  • In Bangkok the first two days; having dinner with missionaries Ben & Leas Radin on Wednesday Sept. 4th
  • Travel to Sai’s village of Ban Dong Phlong on Thursday Sept. 5th; we are there through Sunday the 8th; meeting with missionaries Ben & Susan Hoar on Friday Sept. 6th
  • Travel to neighboring province of Khon Kaen on Sunday Sept. 8th to meet with missionaries Peter & Waew Martyn
  • Monday Sept. 9th:  Go with Peter & Waew to two house-church meetings in two villages
  • Tuesday Sept. 10th:  Go with Peter & Waew to an evangelism-stage village (no church yet established, but one is in the early stages of being planted).  Later that day, travel back to Ban Dong Phlong
  • Remain in Ban Dong Phlong through Sept. 15th; visit missionaries Chad & Nan Cocran on Sunday the 15th
  • Monday Sept. 16th:  Travel to Bangkok, then fly to Chiang Mai (about a 1-hour flight)
  • Tuesday Sept. 17th:  Meet with people from Create International (somewhat similar in mission and vision to SENDMEdia)
  • Wednesday Sept. 18th:  Fly back to Bangkok.  Remain in Bangkok for the duration of our trip (except we may take a short excursion to the beach for a day or two!)
  • Sunday Sept. 22nd:  Meet with missionaries Alan & Lynette Johnson
  • Tuesday Sept. 24th:  Board flights for home!

As you can see, this is a pretty busy itinerary (and we haven’t even mentioned all the visiting of family that will undoubtedly be squeezed into the cracks in the schedule!).  So, your prayers for the team would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks for your faithful support.

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